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Difference between setting powder and finishing powder

take forty five - airbrush makeup artist - difference between setting powder and finishing powder

As a professional makeup artist, I often have clients ask me what the differences are between setting powder and finishing powder. Here is a quick explanation of what each one is and when you should use them.

Setting Powder:

Setting powders come in two basic forms: loose setting powders and compressed setting powders. Those with oily skin, or those who use a liquid foundation, usually prefer loose setting powders.

Finishing Powder:

Finishing powders are usually translucent but can also be made to match your skin tone – which is really nice. Available in both compressed and loose forms, finishing powders are more fine and softer in consistency than setting powders.

When to use them:

Setting powders are designed to be used with your foundation. It helps to “set” or hold your foundation in place and prevent it from rubbing off. Some use setting powder to absorb excess oil and use it to touch up their makeup throughout the day. Others use setting powder instead of a powder foundation because setting powder is more sheer and looks more natural.

Finishing powders are designed to be applied on top of setting powders and all other makeup. I love using finishing powders because it helps make the skin look smoother by hiding pores and fine lines, especially on camera. It usually isn’t used on a day-to-day basis, but often reserved for special occasions when a lot of pictures might be taken.

The combination of using both can add glowing undertones to your skin and help you make an impression! If you have any questions about the differences between airbrush makeup and traditional makeup, head over to our other blog post talking about it.

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