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links + love January 2021 edition

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This links + love edition will be a recap of January 2021! Each month I will try to post an article about some of the items I’m loving that month. Click on any of the links to take you directly to the products. 

Ok – who else is glad 2020 is over?!?!? I don’t think any of us thought this pandemic would consume 90% of 2020 and even looks like it is still going to consume our lives for part of 2021. A new phrase has emerged from this all – micro weddings.

Being in the wedding industry I saw how it crushed couple’s dreams of getting married in 2020. It absolutely broke my heart hearing the stories of how they had to make the difficult decision to either postpone, cancel or drastically reduce their guest list.

I understand that we need to get this pandemic under control but it still hurts to see dreams get crushed or postponed. Not to mention the small businesses that have been affected by couple’s postponing or canceling their wedding. What. A. Year.

Ok enough ranting and re-living 2020. Let’s talk 2021. The only link I want to share this month is something that is dear to my heart. Micro weddings! Because this could still be our normal for weddings in 2021 I have created a micro wedding package for the bride who is still trying to get married but having to drastically change her plans. Head on over to our website page that talks about what your micro wedding makeup entails.

I’m so excited to work with you all during these uncertain times. Here is to a better 2021!

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