I'm getting married to my best friend!

So let's talk about wedding makeup and how that works.

take forty five - airbrush makeup artist services wedding packages - photo by Coast and Copper Photography

Airbrush Makeup Application Bridal Wedding Packages

Beautiful Bride

Wanting to keep things simple but still elegant? This Beautiful Bride package would be a perfect fit! This package includes:

  • Trial makeup consultation
  • Your wedding date held
  • Wedding day makeup application
Beautiful Bride Package
Starting at $175

Stunning Bride

Looking to have just a little extra done to make sure you look your very best on your wedding day? This package includes:

  • All items in the Beautiful Bride package
  • Eyebrow reshaping 2 weeks before your wedding
Stunning Bride Package
Starting at $225

Glowing Bride

Do you want to make sure that every every hair and freckle is in line for your big day? This package includes:

Glowing Bride Package
Starting at $275

Airbrush Makeup Application Bridal Party


Is your BFF getting married and you were asked to be a bridesmaid? This package includes:

  • Wedding day makeup application (includes false lashes)


Is your child getting married? Then this is for you, mother of the bride and mother of the groom. This package includes:

  • Wedding day makeup application (includes false lashes)

JR Bridesmaids

This is for all the sweet young ladies (ages 8-14) who are the JR Bridesmaids. This package includes:

  • Wedding day makeup application (without false lashes)
JR Bridesmaids
$25 ($35 if false lashes are added)

Airbrush Makeup Application Additional Information

The Consultation

Looking to try airbrush makeup before committing to a package? No worries! We offer a one and a half hour appointment where you meet your makeup artist, learn the properties of airbrush makeup, discuss your preferences and then apply the makeup to show you why airbrush makeup will be perfect for your wedding day.

Makeup Consultation/Trial Run
Starting at $75

Weeks Before Your Day

The weeks leading up to your wedding day can feel rather stressful! If you signed up for the Stunning Bride or Glowing Bride Package, we will be in touch to setup your eyebrow reshaping appointment. If you didn't, no worries, we will still be in touch and send out some reminder emails about skin care tips leading up to your day to make your skin the best if can be!

The Day-of Your Wedding

We’ll arrive at your location equipped with everything we’ll need to begin your bridal transformation. We’ll start by prepping your skin with the best products to ensure a flawless, long-lasting airbrush makeup application. Once your makeup is complete, you will be given a little gift to help make it through your amazing day!